Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

I finally adopted the PC lifestyle back in April of this year and I haven't looked back. Granted, I still have my Switch, Xbox One X, and PS4, but the vast majority of my weekend and day off gaming has been behind my keyboard and mouse. I was pretty depressed about having to cancel my … Continue reading Turning Lemons Into Lemonade


My Time With Marvel’s Avengers

I had been hearing various accounts of this game by many different journalists, as well as notable personalities within the gaming community, and though a video game set in the Marvel universe seems like a slam dunk, many have been pretty vocal about there opposition to it. Admittedly, this bumbed me out and left me … Continue reading My Time With Marvel’s Avengers

Jumping Back In With Pokémon Sword

Pokémon has always had a special place in my heart. I can vividly remember taking family trips to my grandparents house when I was younger and being so immersed in Pokémon Blue Version, that I wouldn't even look up until our car stopped. In fact, I recently went back to my home town and was … Continue reading Jumping Back In With Pokémon Sword

My Wish List For Pokémon Sword and Shield

With all of the excitment over the annoucment of Pokemon Sword and Shield, I was hoping that the Pokémon company would learn from the past and attempt to make the Pokémon series even better. Hard to believe that this is even possible, but nothing is perfect and everything can be improved. I don't think that … Continue reading My Wish List For Pokémon Sword and Shield